Chintimini Kennel Club, Corvallis Oregon

Calendar COVID -19 Adjustments

All meeting are "Hybrid" - in person and using zoom for remote access. EMAIL: FOR LINK TO UPCOMMING MEETINGS.

Club meetings are 33198 SE White Pine RD Corvallis OR (click here for directions) unless otherwise noted. Meetings start at 7pm with presentations followed by the Club Business meeting. (Meeting dates in bold).

2023 Club Meeting Schedule

January 17 Program: Canine Reabilitation: Julia Moore DVM, CCRT, will explain canine physical rehabilitation and how it benefits our dogs.
February 21 Program: Howard Meyer will talk about the North American
Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)
March 21 Program: Jennifer Sandvig, B.S. Animal Behavior and Bioethis: "How to train your dogs to safely use treadmills for exercise and enrichment"
April 19 Program: Savannah VanWhy: The Saluki
May 16
Program: Brittany Oberman: NACASW Nose Work and AKC Scent Work
June 21 Program: Savannah VanWhy: National Animal Interest Alliance Conference
July no meeting
August 16 Club picnic
September 20 Program: Lisa Smith Burham: AKC steward online training and AKC certified steward program.
October 18

November 15

2023 Club's AKC Events Schedule

May 6 and 7 All breed FastCAT Philomath OR
May 21 and 22 Sighthound Lure Coursing Trail Cottage Grove OR
June 3 and 4 All Breed FastCAT, Eugene Oregon
August 26 and 27, Annual Fundraiser FastCAT Millersburg OR
September 16 and 17, Four Coursing Ability Tests (CATs) at Billups Ranch, Cottage Grove Oregon.
September 23 and 24 Sighthound Lure Coursing Trail, Molalla OR
October 21 and 22 Sighthound Lure Coursing Trail, Molalla OR