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CKC Lure Coursing Trials, Tests and Practices

Trials for Sighthound Breeds:
Lure coursing competitions, the most popular event for the Sighthound breeds, entails a competition on a large field. This competition attempts to create a simulation of a hare's zigzag path to evade a pursuing hound. The hare's path is generated by a string being pulled through a series of pulleys simulating a non-uniform set of turns. Instead of a live bunny, a set of white, usually plastic, bags attached to the line attract the hound's attention (the dogs don't care they just love to run). Click Here for a video taken at one of our events.

Breeds that participate in lure coursing trials and tests include Afghan Hounds, Basenjis, Borzoi, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds, Sloughi and Whippets. Dogs can earn AKC Field Championship titles at these events.

Coursing for All Dogs:
Lure coursing tests (Coursing Ability Test, aka CAT) are now sanctioned by AKC for all breeds and mixed breeds that are AKC registered or have a canine partner numbers. Dogs run a course with at least four turns. The course is 600 yard course for dogs over 12 inches at the withers or 300 yard course for dogs under 12 inches and brachycephalic dogs. The course is shortened to 2/3 the distance for older dogs. The dog is judged on a pass/fail basis. Dogs participating in CAT events can earn AKC CAT suffix titles.

Are you interested in officiating at one of our CAT events?

AKC Coursing Ability Tests can be officiated, in addition to AKC licensed Lure Coursing Judges, by qualified "Coursing Evaluators". If you are interested in being a CAT evaluator for a Chintimini Kennel Club event and you are not an AKC Lure Coursing Judge, then please complete the the CKC CAT Lure Coursing Evaluator Certification form. Click on this blue link for a copy.

Fast CAT for All Dogs

In 2016 AKC introduced a new sports event for all dogs - the Fast CAT. Dog run a timed 100 yard sprint and based on their running times earn points for a AKC suffix title. (click here for FastCAT Regulations and information)

Practices - Getting your Dogs to have Fun:
Practices are opened to all dogs, AKC registered or not. Chintimini Kennel Club holds coursing practices about twice per month through most of the year. All breeds (including non-sighthounds) are welcome to participate. Practice involves running a straight or a simple zig-zag run over a 100 yard distance. A $5 donation per dog is suggested. We usually provide three runs for each dog.

The goal of our practices is to get the dogs keen to chase the lure. With straights and zig-zag runs we have been very successful in developing good lure coursing dogs (we have lost count of all the field champions that started at our practices).

Click on AKC Events for information on CKC sponsored Lure Coursing Trials and Tests or Click here to get practice schedule, locations and directions.

Nick Pisias is the lure operator and Sue Pisias is the "hunt master" at practices.

For information on practice schedules, lure coursing activities or to be added to the email list, contact Sue at:

Upcoming CKC Lure Coursing Events

Click on AKC Events for premiums and entry forms for CKC sponsored Lure Coursing Trials and Tests

CKC Lure Coursing Event Secretary Resources

Event Secretaries for Coursing Ability Tests and FAST-CAT timed stright runs might find these Microsoft Excel spread sheets useful for reporting event results to AKC:

Fast CAT Results final.xlsx is used to report FAST-CAT results using a calculation to convert times MPH calculations (not based on the AKC speed table). Fast CAT Master Report.pdf provide instructions on how to use this spread sheet.

CAT Results final.xlsx is used to report CAT results. CAT Master Report.pdf provides instructions on how to use this spread sheet.

Thanks to Stephanie Kennerley at AKC for helping finalize these report spread sheets and documentation.

A Microsoft Access database program that will allow allow secretaries to maintain a database of dogs entering events and which will produce tables used by the "Result" excel spread sheets. Check for develoments.


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